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Types of Wheel Damage

The call we receive the most! Being the most sensitive part of a vehicle, wheels tend to get damaged the quickest. The worst enemy? Curbs. This blog entry will be focusing on the different types of damage a wheel can receive, how to detect them & ultimately how...

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Vossen Wheels Releases the VFS-10

THE ALL-NEW Tracing its roots back to the classic ten-spoke styling of the CV1, the Vossen Hybrid Forged VFS-10 wheel utilizes our advanced flow-forming technology to produce a lighter and stronger barrel. The VFS-10 serves as the monoblock counterpart to the...

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Avoid losing money on your brakes!

Being one of the most important services performed to your car, brake service can also be the most expensive. With service cost ranging from $500 to $2,500 (on a good day) there's no telling how much your brakes will cost. This is what motivated us to write this...

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Why align your vehicle?

Being the most common service among our customers, digital alignment can correct problems in handling and stability as well as prevent uneven tire wear. This is why we consider it to be a primary service at our shop, providing free inspections on every visit. Hunter...

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Tire Size & Information

This is a question we get asked by our customers very often. With multiple "weird" markings, those numbers and letter on your tire can look very confusing. However, they are the opposite. Below, I will explain the meaning of each of these markings. This will help you...

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Porsche Macan on VOSSEN VPS-306 Forged

This Porsche Macan takes advantage of Vossen's signature 30-degree cut angles combined with the perfect lip-to-barrel transition of the Infini-Lip™ distinguishing the VPS-302 from other forged wheels, as part of the Precision Series. This classic five-spoke split is...

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New Vossen VF Series VFS-6

Vossen VFS-6 The newest addition to the Vossen VF Series, the VFS-6 employs advanced flow forming technology to produce a lighter and stronger barrel than other low pressure cast counterparts, creating a perfect blend between the affordability of a cast wheel and the...

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