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Digital Alignment

What is Digital Alignment?

A digital alignment calculates and reports the position of your vehicle’s wheels. This info can then demonstrate to the tech what needs to be adjusted. Adjustments are made to factory specs.

Why have your Vehicle Aligned?

Over the course of time, the position of the wheels in any vehicle will vary from initial factory specs. A digital alignment will restore the wheel position to factory specs. This prevents uneven tread wear and increases durability. In addition, it can also prevent vibration in the cabin as well as improve vehicle performance and handle.

What Makes us Different?

Contrary to other shops, we take full advantage of our top-of-the-line equipment. With Hunter’s Digital Alignment machine we are able to precisely align your vehicle. As a result, our alignments are perfect for preserving the durability of tires in high performance vehicles, or even track use! In addition, our machine is updated yearly to include newest vehicle models.

When should you get an Alignment?

Your vehicle requires an alignment if any of the following scenarios happen; changed parts belonging to the suspension, haven’t aligned in more than one (1) year, your vehicle pulls to the left or right, the tires are getting wasted unevenly, or you are looking to take your vehicle to the track.

If you are not sure, you can have your vehicle inspected for alignment… the best part is the alignment inspection is free at Miami Autosport.

What are the Benefits of Digital Alignment?

When performing a digital alignment, your vehicle is being adjusted with the utmost precision. These are fractions of a millimeter, made easy to read by the laser sensors on the machine. When talking about high performance vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati just to name a few, those millimeters make a significant difference. 

RoadForce Balancing

What is Balancing?

Balancing is the art of mounting a wheel and tire in the smoothest way. The tricky part begins when you are looking to match large wheel sizes, from 19” and up, with high performance tires. Therefore, at Miami Autosport, we carry the best technology for your high performance vehicle: RoadForce Balancing.

When should you Balance a tire?

Every time a new or existing wheel is matched with a new tire, even if size remains unchanged, you need to balance your wheel. Also, if you experience vibration problems this too can be solved with balancing. As a result, balancing can identify vehicle pulls and return your vehicle to initial factory settings. Creating that new car-ride status.

Why you should you do balancing?

Wheel rotation and wheel balance must be performed at regular intervals to prevent your car from shaking due to irregular tire wear. By doing this, you will regain that new car smooth ride, stop steering wheel vibration, and save money on tire replacement.

What is RoadForce Balancing?

At Miami Autosport, we pride ourselves with our state of the art equipment. Therefore we hold the fastest road balancing and most efficient technology: RoadForce Balancing.

Unlike a standard balancing machine you would find in any average shop, RoadForce Balancing is fully automated and digital. Moreover, our certified technicians are factory trained to operate this industry leading technology. From automated parts to ensuring proper setting, the system eliminates human error and delay. All this combines to improve the durability of your wheels and your safety when driving.

What are the Benefits of RoadForce Balancing?

When it comes to large wheel sizes (from 19” and up), special alloy materials or carbon fiber wheels the key to Balancing is to be extremely careful. At Miami Autosport we care very much about your wheels. With its advanced technology, RoadForce Balancing will Balance large rims and high performance tires without losing their characteristics.

Finally, we specially recommend Road Force Balancing for brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, just to name a few. Also, RoadForce Balancing is recommended for upgraded SUVs and off-road vehicles.