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High Performance Wheels

Upgrading your wheels is not only about the look; tire size, offset, weight and forge materials are the key to a perfect fit. As a result, Miami AutoSport represents the best and most recognized brands of wheels and tires. Our most sought after wheels are Vossen and Strasse Wheels. We carry all top of the market tire brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook,…

Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist in finding the right wheel for you. Come to our Shop, our sales team has the best car configurator available for you to choose your favorite set of wheels. We want to make sure you will have the best result.

All wheel options are custom to your vehicle’s requirements, hence all the prices are not the same. Give us a call so we can work the best set for your car.

One last thing, ask our Sales Team for a Tire & Wheel Package, you will get an excellent deal!


At Miami Autosport, we give a specific care to what might be overlooked by most people: Suspension!

Either when it is to replace a worn out suspension, coil, springs or whether you’re looking to upgrade your car, we will take care of you and get it done with our high quality standards and best customer service.

Everything so you can have the best experience with your car maintenance.

We carry both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Aftermarket parts. This allows us to adjust to your budget and provide quality parts at excellent prices.

Finally, all the Trucks lovers and owners will find the best expertise with our sales team that will guide them through the best options available in the market to upgrade their SUV, Jeep or truck.



We can help you in finding the right part for the right price.


We can help in customizing your vehicle by picking out the right parts and creating a unique design. We can also provide custom finishes or wrap options to best suit your style.


With certified techs we can perform a complete installation of any accessory.

Front Lip

Carbon fiber or custom painted front lip sales & installation.

Rear Diffuser

Carbon fiber or custom painted rear diffuser sales & installation.

Side Skirts

Carbon fiber or custom painted side skirt sales & installation.


Custom spoiler sales & installation.


Carbon fiber or custom painted side mirror sales & installation.

Front & Rear Bumper Inserts

Carbon fiber or custom painted front or rear bumper inserts sales & installation.

Custom Emblems

Custom painted emblems sales & installation.

Looking to wrap your vehicle?

At Miami AutoSport we strive to facilitate your custom vehicle wrap. With an enclosed AC cooled garage, we provide the best quality work all while keeping your car in one secure place.

The Brands!

From many brands of paper we have selected the few with the best quality and lasting life. These brands are very well know in the wrap industry and offer the best product for the investment. Brands include 3M, Avery, KPMF, & Arlon.

Our Process

Receiving the Vehicle

Our Sales Rep will receive your vehicle and prepare it for the first step. Car seats and wheel covers are put into place to protect the interior of your vehicle. All vehicle information is checked to make sure no service or warning lights are on and the vehicle is top working condition.

Prepping for Wrap

Once the vehicle has been received, we star removing all parts needed to begin the wrap. We go panel by panel making sure it always follows the correct direction and maintains the same high quality. This step can take from 2-4 days depending on vehicle.


Once all panels have been wrapped properly, we double check for any defects. If all checks pass, we start putting back all parts to their original factory specs, making sure everything returns to how it arrived.


When the car is back together we perform all tests required to make sure all moving parts in the vehicle are in perfect working condition. Once all tests are complete, we advise the customer his vehicle is ready to go. Before we return the vehicle to the customer, we confirm all the specs when vehicle was received match.


Looking to improve the sound and performance of your vehicle? Then you have come to the right place. With many brands like Capristo, Magnaflow, Akrapovic, Borla and IPE there has never been a wider selection of options available for your vehicle.


Whether you are trying to go louder or quieter, this is the first thing customers look for in a new exhaust.


Next item in the checklist, performance improvements. An aftermarket exhaust is designed to outperformed an OEM exhaust. Whether is power or torque, you will have a more vivid experience while driving your car.


Another big player when it comes to upgrading your exhaust is quality control. You want to have the best for your vehicle and that’s what we help with.

Have a question? Give us a call – 305.359.3600