Buying Tires With Us vs. Buying Tires Online

The major differences from buying tires online and buying from us locally.

Occasionally, customers come to our Shop with new tires they bought online instead of buying them directly from us. When we ask them why they bought those tires online, the main 3 reasons are: simplicity, reliability and cost.

Once they become our customer, people understand why it makes much more sense buying their tires from a local distributor / service center like us, instead of buying them online.


Online retailers provide simplicity with easy steps to pick your tires based on size or car type. All from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. The problem starts right there: you have a huge list of different brands and models that fit your car. Which tire to select? The cheapest? But what if the cheapest tire lasts 10,000 miles and the most expensive that costs twice as much lasts 30,000 miles? By the time you reach 30,000 miles with the cheapest tires, you actually bought 3 sets of tires… not that cheap at this point!

Buying locally can provide the comfort of knowing you don’t have to worry about the tires, receiving them, or finding a place to install them. Most customers who purchase online have to worry about being present when the tires are delivered. Then they have to start searching for a local installer that will do a good job at installing them… which is far from easy!

A Local distributor like us, is going to give you the personalized advice so you buy exactly what you need. This will avoid you selecting the wrong tire and spending extra money unnecessarily.


Most of these retailers commit to deliveries and provide a customer support team in case of returns and claims. Most customers look for this service to fall back on in case of something going wrong. Buying tires involves third parties such as delivery companies or even other distributors. Shipping a set of tires often requires specific logistics (bigger trucks, non-standard routes), which can increase the risk of returns, or problems throughout the delivery process reducing the reliability of online shopping.

Also, as it is very easy to make a mistake ordering tires, to return them is not precisely a walk in the park. Although most of these retailers commit to deliveries and provide a customer support team in case of returns and claims, dealing with the shipping companies to return a set of tires can be very difficult.

When buying tires from us, we take care of all that hassle: you don’t have to worry about anything. We deal on a daily basis with nationwide distributors that carry huge inventory and whose work is to deliver to us the correct tires as soon as possible. On your end, just bring the car and we do all the work for you. That’s reliability right there!


We all do it: whenever we think about buying something we go directly online and start a shopping process so we can get price information. When buying tires, you would think online is the place where the best deals are. As far as tires are concerned, it involves a little more than just a size or a brand. It can also depend on these factors: how long that particular tire you’re looking for has been sitting in a distributors warehouse?, is it on sale? Is it a high production volume model? … many people forget about these questions and end up spending more money than they should.

When purchasing a tire locally you can save up to 35% compared to online retailer prices. But how can one save so much? Most customers overlook the shipping costs of buying tires online. Also, installations costs are not included. Between shipping and installation you end up looking at an extra 35% in the cost of the tires.

The key when it comes to placing your order through a local distributor like us is the “scope of work”: buying tires also includes dismounting the previous tires, balancing the new tires on the existing wheels (in our case, we use Road Force Balancing Technology). When we give you a price for buying tires, we include all these tasks and make sure you get a better deal than ordering tires online.


In conclusion, purchasing a tire locally can benefit a customer greatly. From having a worry free experience to saving money on the final price. Talk to one of our sales representative today to find out more ways that you can save money on your next tire purchase.

Call us and see how much you can save!